The next thoughts are those of a telecommunications task force commissioned by the founding fathers of the Town of Estes Park, Colorado (Population +/- 12,000). What follows is the unedited report in its entirety; with my own comments in white italicized text:

Final Report

Estes Park Area Telecommunications Task Force

November 1993

This first page is the task force's executive summary.....

A telecommunications task force has been formed by the Town of Estes Park in November 1993, for the purposes of improving the technology infrastructure in order to provide business development opportunities and meet the needs of the area residents.

The task force has investigated technology alternatives, observed the experience of other communities, and met with the local exchange service provider, US West.

The task force has taken note of changing developments based on increased knowledge content of work, the increasing inability of our highways to handle increased vehicular traffic, and the lack of relevance of distance and geography in today's information based business environment.

The task force has expressed satisfaction with the plans of US West for the construction of new facilities in the Estes Park area which will provide all one-party service of high quality by the end of 1995.

The task force has concluded that it would be in the best interest of the Town of Estes Park, and the surrounding 32 square mile area, to make a specific effort to attract information-based businesses to the area; both individuals (the so-called Lone Eagles) and small companies, and has noted several benefits to be derived from such an effort.

The task force recommends: that a formal program of activities be established by the Town Board of Trustees to attract such businesses, that funds be specifically allocated, that the program begin January 1, 1995, and that consideration be given to a long term plan for economic diversification in the Master Plan currently under development.

The task force has provided as part of its report a list of resources organizations, and recommends that the Town apply for grant money to help finance the economic development efforts.

The task force has proposed to disband as planned, on March 31, 1994.

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