On the previous page I offered you some goals, now I would like to Communicate some of the things we would need to do to accomplish these goals. The goals are a place for us to head toward; now we need a roadmap of how to get there and some tools to connect us to the Internet.

I will start with some suggestions that will move us toward standardizing our Internet Service Provider, hardware, operating systems and application programs:

First of all: I suggest that we all use Qwest Communications as our Internet Service Provider (ISP). Qwest Communications is the premier ISP for the state of Colorado has over 15,000 users, has deployed the US Robotics X.2 56K modem standard within their Internetwork; provides Internet access to 80% of the state of Colorado (including Westcliffe via a commercial 800 number, local dial-in via a "Virtual Point of Presence" will be available in the near future); has state of the art raised floor computer facilities for their systems and is located in Denver, Colorado if we ever need to physically go to the Qwest Communications headquarters.

The Qwest Communications Team is aware of and interested in supporting Project Sangreal. More information about Qwest Communications is on their World Wide Web Server at:

URL : http://www.qwest.com

Voice: 1.303.296.8202

My second thought is my suggestion that we standardize the computer hardware and operating system that we are all using. For hardware I suggest that we all use computers designed and manufactured by Advanced Logic Research (ALR). The ALR systems are well engineered and have a five year warranty. ALR systems are certified by Microsoft Corporation to be compatible with their advanced operating system: "Windows NT version 4.0". Computer hardware certified for their operating systems means easy installation and maintenance. Advanced Logic Research is on the Web at:

URL : http://www.alr.com

Voice: 1.800.444.4ALR

ALR offers systems that range from desktops to symmetrical multiprocessors that could support a small country. No matter what projects we take on or what electronic tools we need for the project; ALR platforms can support our efforts.

There is one exception to the aforementioned recommendation to using ALR hardware and that is in the selection of computers in the Notebook range. I researched the market and selected the Compaq Armada 1585 MDT which comes with Windows NT Workstation v4.0 pre-installed. We are using these Notebooks ourselves with application programs ranging from simple e-mail applications to Adobe PhotoShop v3.0 and AutoCad r12 for Windows. The Armada series is so powerful that many people (including me) might consider them a subsitute for a desktop system.

Compaq Computer Corporation is on the Web at:

URL : http://www.compaq.com

I mentioned the advanced operating system from Microsoft Corporation known as Windows New Technology (NT) version 4.0. Windows NT is designed for connectivity to the Internet; is robust, secure and reliable. Operating systems such as DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and the Macintosh's System 7 will be replaced by Windows NT in the next few years. In other words, what the Mathematicians call convergence is occuring within the Software Engineering community and operating systems are moving toward One. Microsoft Corporation is on the Web at:

URL : http://www.microsoft.com


For monitors, lets use the NEC MultiSync 5FGe in at least the 17 inch size. NEC is on the Web at:

URL : http://www.nec.com


Now lets address modems. US Robotics 56K X.2 modem is my suggestion here. In addition to being excellent modems for the user; many of the the Internet Service Providers such as Qwest Communications use US Robotics products at their end of the Information Superhighway. It is my understanding that the new 56K X.2 standard requires that you pass through no more than two analog telephone switches as your computer connects to the Internet. In other words you need mostly digital telephone switches between your computer and the computers at the Internet Service Providers end.

As many of you know, having the same engineers design the modem at both the users end and at the ISP provides us with the fastest, most reliable connection to the Internet. US Robotics is on the Web at:

URL : http://www.usr.com

The suggested standard for color printers is the Hewlett-Packard Deskjet 870Cse. These printers are also available through Egghead Software. You can take a look at all of the printers offered by Hewlett-Packard on the Web at:

URL : http://www.hp.com


How about application programs? Without application programs as electronic tools we can not really get any work done. Here is a bulleted list of suggested application programs:

These application and system level programs can be obtained from Egghead Software and delivered via UPS or Federal Express to your physical location. Egghead Software is on the Web at:


Voice: 1.800.EGGHEAD

The suggested resource for technical books related to Internet technology is O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. The O'Reilly Team is unsurpassed in Communicating technical Knowledge in a thorough, easy to Understand "Way" that always includes a sense of humor. O'Reilly and Associates is on the Web at:


Voice: 1.800.998.9938


So now we have some really nice tools to use. Tools that will allow us to work in Teams over the Internet.


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