The Columbine, state flower of Colorado

The pricing structure for Sierra Mojada varies with the nature of the landscape. There are 41 lots available of approximately 35 - 70 acres each, to choose from, each with different combinations of trees, streams and perspectives of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. Costs range from $125,000 ( 35 acres ) to $250,000 ( 70 acres ) US Currency.

Each owner is given free gravel to construct their driveway from the project's gravel pile..... A gift that averages about $3000 in materials.

At this time 26 of the 41 lots have been sold. Four homes are finished and occupied. A fifth home has been designed with the construction drawings being studied by the Westcliffe general contractor/builder - John Comerford's Custom Homes.

The log home we designed and constructed on speculation is for sale at $640,000 and includes a 105 acre lot ( lots 1, 2 & 3 in Sierra Mojada West )..... The home is three years old.....Look here:


In general, the Sierra Mojada Ranch already has underground electrical and telecommunications utilities in place to the " building envelope " along with excellent engineered gravel road systems and landscaped entrance structures.

Internet access in this area is provided by Qwest Communications for those interested in pursuing a goal of telecommuting from Sierra Mojada. We installed one hundred pairs of twisted pair copper wire to support the physical underground telecommunications network of the Sierra Mojada project. Wireless phone/Satellite service is available to supplement the guided transmission media.

As the Engineers responsible for the planning and design of Sierra Mojada; we are available for consultation when it comes time to select a particular lot and can offer Engineering opinions pertaining to placement of buildings, design of domestic water supplies and sewage systems and can offer support in the selection of an Architect and General Contractor/Builder for your home.

Since we are the owners, developers and engineers of Sierra Mojada and have also constructed this hypermedia presentation; feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about Sierra Mojada or if you would like one of us to meet you in the Village of Westcliffe, Colorado for a personal tour of the project.

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