V Bar Beef Order Form

Item Description Est. Wt. $ per lb. Quantity Total **
P-1 Variety Pack - with tenderloin 7.5 lbs. $5.00    
P-2 Variety Pack - with rib steak 8 lbs. $4.50    
P-3 Minute Steak Pack 6.5 lbs. $3.45    
P-4 Ground Beef Pack 8 lbs. $2.30    
P-5 Ranch Pack 26 lbs $2.35    
T Freezer Teezer 28 lbs. $3.65    
B Beef Bundle 55 lbs. $3.50    
Q Beef Quarter 110 lbs. $3.35    
H* Beef Half 220 lbs. $3.25    
RB Smoked Roast Beef 7 lbs. $4.19    
HI Hot Italian Sausage 4 per lb. $3.00    
MI Mild Italian Sausage 4 per lb. $3.00    
AB All Beef Franks 4 per lb. $3.00    
GS German Sausage 4 per lb. $3.00    
SS *** Boneless Rib Steaks .75 lb. $7.59    
  Sirloin Steak . 5 lb. $6.20    
  New York Strip 1 lb. $8.28    
  Tenderloin .75 lb. $11.04    
  T-Bone Steak 1 lb. $6.90    
FS *** Flank Steak 1.5 lb. $6.00    
BK *** Brisket 4 lb. $3.25    
BT *** Beef Tongue 1 lb. $1.00    
GB Ground Beef 1 lb. $2.30    
BP Ground Beef Patties 1 lb. $2.35    
BL Beef Liver 1 lb. $1.00    
NJ Beef Jerky 1 lb. $18.00    
CS Cured Beef Stick $2ea. $36/case        
NS Beef Sticks $2ea. $36/case        
JJ Jerky Jar with Lid $14/jar        
GC Gift Certificate - Any amount        

* Must be accompanied by Custom Cut Card ( Click Here and then Print ) and $100 deposit

** Delivery charges additional. *** Call for availability



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Please print out this Web page on paper and complete the form with a black ink pen. Please print neatly, it is easier for us to read and will help us get your order right the first time. Enclose check or credit card payment for order based upon estimated weight. Balance, including delivery charges, will be billed at time of delivery. Your signature is required for credit card orders. There will be room for your comments or special instructions at the bottom of the second page. Mail the completed order form via the US Postal Service to:

V Bar Beef LLP, 1429 County Road 130

Westcliffe, Colorado USA 81252

Thanks for Trusting us to grow your food....