Dear Friends:

We would like to tell you a little bit about the history of the V Bar Ranch in words and at the same time Communicate some aspects of our lifestyle using digital images from the ranch. The image just below is the start of a slide show that runs by itself and contains images displayed randomly using endless transitions between slides that we hope are appealing and surprising. The image in the background is of the Aspen trees that turn to gold each Autumn in our valley.


Slide Show of Images from the V Bar Ranch

Located in the Sangre de Cristo range of Colorado

We are a big family. There are fourchildren aged eight through one year old. The children are named Ben, Autumn, Katlyn and Weldon. Ben and Autumn are old enough at ages 8 and 6 respectively to participate in the daily chores on the ranch. This includes feeding and caring for the livestock and riding the range on horseback to mend fences and care for the health and safety of the ranch animals in general. You learn to work hard early in life when you are part of a ranching family.

Ben is now going to school at the Christian Academy in our town; the other children are home schooled at this time.

John and Elin are the adult members of the family and carry on the ranching tradition from a family who have been ranchers for many generations.


The Rusher Family

John and Autumn, Weldon is in Elin's arms, Katlyn in front right with Ben in red shirt.


We make a living by raising Hereford cattle and selling the cattle as Natural Beef cut into the steaks, roasts and other meats you are used to seeing in the meat counter. We sell the meat to grocery stores in many towns or directly to the customer like yourself. We also sell live animals to people who want to add to their own herds.

Since we are always out on the ranch on horseback we also offer Horseback Riding Adventures where you can learn the cowboy trade by working right with us on the ranch. Riding a working horse gives you a opportunity to learn to ride at a high skill level where you and the horse work as a Team to get things done on the ranch.

Our ranch is in a valley just to the East of the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness in central Colorado. The nearest Town is called Westcliffe and has a population of about 2000 people. The Sangre de Cristo mountains rise off the floor of the valley to elevations of over fourteen thousand feet. Even in Summer there is often snow on the tops of these magnificent peaks. We never get tired of looking at the panorama of mountains that we live next to.

Our valley is very lush with tall grass growing as far as the eye can see. We harvest and bail the grass in the Autumn as a food supply for the cattle in the Winter when the snow is too deep for the animals to get enough to eat by grazing on their own. A community where Man, Mountains and the Animals live in harmony with the help of God.

Thanks for Trusting us to grow your food.....


Elin, John, Ben, Autumn, Katlyn and Weldon - The RusherFamily.