Whither Bound Mankind?

from the collection of

Stanton Wesley Todd jr.

.September 1st, 1997

Whither bound, Mankind? I, of course, can't say - except that eventually into the Cosmic landfill, whether in a million years or a billion or five billion, really doesn't matter (to you and me, anyhow). Life, consciousness, and intelligence are astonishing phenomena, but I don't suppose they count for much to the Cosmic Eye or have any permanent effect on the systole and diastole of the Universe.

The fact is that Mankind still hugs the delusion that the Universe exists (or was created) so that we could have a solar system and the solar system exists so that we could have Earth, and the Earth exists so that Man could have a place for the sole of his foot and strut his stuff. All the world is a stage in a way that Jacques (or whoever it was) was perhaps not aware of.

The game of life is like the game of Bridge: We assign values and make up rules, and then we may have fun, create things of interest. Bridge is better, more valuable, than building card houses or tossing cards into a hat (though not to the Cosmic Eye).

All values are Man made - esthetic, moral, whatever. (Well, I suppose buzzards, sow bugs, and moray eels may be aware of values of a sort, too).

Note Beyond: Stan will be eighty-nine years young on September 20th, 1997..... Happy Birthday Stan!