The Dream

. On the very edge of the world of Man, standing upon the summit which had been the Magick focus of his Dreams, the young Mountaineer lifted up his Body, his Heart, his Soul and all his secret longings.

As far as the eye could see a realm of snow and rock lay stretched out before him, wrapped in the Silence and mystery of the Infinite. It was like being in another world; the mountains seemed less a part of this planet than an entirely independent kingdom, unique and mysterious, where, to venture forth, all that was needed was the will and the Love.

Cracks, chimneys, slabs, overhangs... The young man had given of his best to climb them. And now he gave himself up to his thoughts, while there mounted within him a happiness such as he had never known before but of which he felt a strange, undefined need. The blood surged through his veins, his Heart beat with emotion. The air had a sharp tang, the sun poured out its benediction, and at the end of a rope he had discovered that fine, deep comradeship, the comradeship of climbing companions.

And if mist and cloud obscured the world of other men, then this kingdom was his own for a brief snatch of time, a kingdom to which he was to journey again and again.

He had triumphed over the ground, he had triumphed over himself, and here was Heaven's reward for his endeavor.