14,064' Mount Humbolt as viewed from Sierra Mojada West

Sierra Mojada: Between Heaven and Earth

"A Colorado Alpine Community"


We offer you a digital image created by Adobe Photoshop and two digital images created by AutoCad release 14. Each images shows a different Engineering perspective of Sierra Mojada's lot lines, roads, underground utilities and the Integral Open Space concept.


Mojada1.dwf - AutoCad release 14 Drawing Web File

Mojada2.dwf - AutoCad release 14 Drawing Web File

map2.gif - Adobe PhotoShop enhanced plot of the project in GIF format


As you may already know, a Drawing Web File can be viewed by the Internet Explorer version 3.0 or 4.0 Web browser that has the Active X components installed for viewing this type of file. The first time you view a DWF file the appropriate Active X controls are downloaded and installed automatically and integrated into your Web browser. Once installed the Active X Controls allow you to view the AutoCad image in full color, pan, zoom, zoom to window and print by pressing your right mouse button and choosing from the pull down menu displayed on your monitor.

Netscape Navigator version 3.0 also allows you to view a DWF file but requires the download and installation of a "plug-in" program. Both the Active X controls and "plug-in" program enhancements to your Web browser are discussed at the Website maintained by Autodesk, the creators of AutoCad at their Website. You can mouse click on the AutoDesk Logo below to go to this Website:

Look for a reference to AutoDesk's "Whip Technology" in the AutoDesk Website.


If you are not comfortable with these technologies you can view the Adobe Photoshop GIF file which is not as sophisticated but lower on the learning curve of Web browser technology.

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