Log Home designed by Zehren & Associates and constructed by Log Knowledge


The Sierra Mojada Ranch project Team includes technical support from Westcliffe, Colorado Architect Ralph Eissmann - Pence and his wife Susan. Ralph is a member of the American Institute of Architects as well as a valued member of our Community.

A second member of the Sierra Mojada Team is Log Knowledge based in LaPorte, Colorado. Log Knowledge has over 20 years experience in the design and construction of log homes. We not only champion Log Knowledge as a full service contractor; we live in the first log home designed and constructed by Log Knowledge! After 20 years our log home still looks great!

On the Sierra Mojada project, Eissmann-Pence, Hummingbird_Engineering and Log Knowledge work together as a Team. By working together, we can provide the best combination of technical support with people living and working in the Westcliffe community just minutes from the project.

Log Knowledge has their own Web presence at:

Log Knowledge http://logknowledge.com

As the developer and principal engineer of Sierra Mojada I am available to provide engineering opinions pertaining to the project. We have spent many months working on-site in all seasons and are intimately familiar with the terrain, environment and wildlife.

The Sierra Mojada Team has designed and engineered a home for Lot # 2 in Sierra Mojada West. The architectural design drawings for this home using AutoCAD release 14 have been converted to Drawing Web Format and can be viewed using your Netscape or Internet Explorer Web browsers if you have the appropriate Active X controls or Netscape Plug-in installed on your system. Here are the detailed design drawings for this log home in DWF format so that you can see what we are intending to construct:








Construction of this magnificent log home is scheduled to start in the Autumn of the year 2006....


We have also designed a home for Lot #1 in Sierra Mojada West inspired by a children's story called "Zelf the Christmas Elf" by Michael Donahue. The designs of the "Elf Haus" are published on the Web at:



The Vyn Boennighausen "Elf Haus" was completed July 6th, 1999 and can be toured by appointment.


Vyn Boennighausen - "Elf Haus"..........

Small.... Beautiful..... Designed to last for many generations.......

The Vyn Boennighausen home that we call the "Elf Haus" at the Sierra Mojada Ranch


The DWF (Drawing Web File) Viewer for your Web browser is free from AutoDesk; the creators of AutoCAD rel 14 by mouse clicking on the AutoDesk Logo below:


My own credentials are on the Web at: http://sangre-de-cristo.com/westcliffe/hummingbird_engineering


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Arthur von Boennighausen @ Hummingbird_Engineering mailto:arthurvb@sangre-de-cristo.net or call us at: 719.276.4304 (wireless with voicemail)