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Who are Shy Surveyors & Associates?

Shy Surveyors has been in business in Custer County for two generations. Jack Shy was a land surveyor who moved from Colorado Springs to Westcliffe in 1971. From then till now, Shy Surveyors has been dependable, reliable and a contributor to the economy of Custer County.

Now Kit Shy is the chief land surveyor. Today we are radio dispatched and cellular equipped to handle the modern demands of the surveying profession. We have the latest instruments and computers for field and office computations. We are 4-wheel drive completed with suburbans and 4 wheelers. Our staff offers a combined experience of roughly 100 years in surveying with more than 65 years of it in Custer County.

What exactly does Shy Surveyors & Associates do?

We can handle all of your surveying related needs, including lot surveys, boundaries, fencelines, retracements, topos, road layout and design, homesite locations, elevations, percolation tests, subdivisions, construction staking, vacation of lots or streets, platting and land planning. We can also represent your project in presentations to local agencies.

After the product is finalized, we file the plats in their appropriate places, either with the State in the form of monument records, and/or with the county clerks office.

Our corners are easily located with well secured monumentation that can withstand most environmental extremes.

Shy Surveyors is a local small town business responsive to the needs of our clients and our community. Kit has been a registered Colorado Land Surveyor since 1982. He is the elected county surveyor and belongs to the Professional Land Surveyors Association and the Colorado Association of County Surveyors. At Shy Surveyors, we are very serious about our profession and concerned about quality. We are striving to keep the delicate balance and friendly atmosphere between county and/or state officials and the customer. Kit also works closely with our local government. Over the years we have developed a reputation that we are proud of and we encourage you to check on it.

Each individual survey is as different as the individual needing it. This is interesting work for us, since we are dealing with several sets of situations. It can be searching for old section corners set in the 1870's, trying to trace a hand shake agreement over a cup of coffee 80 years ago, or a deed filed yesterday in the court house. We still enjoy the small town flavor of doing business by a verbal go ahead over the phone or a simple contract between us and the client to start a job.

Over the years our business has changed with the times. Technology is moving rapidly in the surveying profession. All of our calculations and most of our plats are generated on computers. In the field angles are measured electronically and distances are derived with lasers. At Shy Surveyors we are making every effort to keep up with advances in technology. We expect to be stepping into the 21st century with the latest satellite locating equipment. We are excited by these advances and continue to apply new methods to do a better job for you. Hopefully our personalities have stayed with us for friendly visits and professional services.

We have worked for many different clients over the years from the smallest lot owner to the big time developer, with the same sense of urgency and professionalism, and we look forward to working with you on your project. Any and all questions are welcomed and encouraged. We need to understand your project in order to best accomplish it with you. Regardless of who you choose for your surveying services, we suggest that you ask some of the following questions, before you hire a land surveyor.

Are they Colorado licensed? Do they have references? Do they stand behind their work and work with adjoiners? Do they properly file or deposit their product and correctly monument it? Are they in the business full time as a surveyor or a part time surveyor? Can they attend meetings for you, if need be? Do their surveying charges include all filing fees and research costs?

A parcel of land is often the largest investment that a person makes in their lifetime. An accurate survey defining boundaries or potential boundary problems prior to a property purchase or home construction is an essential step. We at Shy Surveyors would like to have the opportunity to provide you with the surveying services necessary to help you make those difficult decisions about your most important investment.

Meet Shy Surveyors & Associates

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