Painting by Ardith Stewart of Westcliffe, Colorado

The Sangre de Cristo Wilderness

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Located in the Heart of Colorado's Alps, the mountains of the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness are "Symbols of the Divine" that lead you past the physical world into the realm of the Spirit. The Wilderness gives visitors the chance to experience first-hand: vast forests, meadows, lakes, and the Alpine tundra ecosystem, found above timberline. The Wilderness' highest mountain, Crestone Peak, soars to an elevation of 14,294 feet. Sangre de Cristo is Spanish for "Blood of Christ" a name so very appropriate for an area with such a strong Spiritual heritage.

"Shade." said he. "Where can it be? This land called Eldorado." "Over the Mountains of the Moon, through the valley of Shadow. Ride boldly ride!" the shade replied "If you search for Eldorado." - Edgar Allen Poe

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