Arthur von Boennighausen & Associates TM

"Engineering with a Mountaineering Heritage" TM

I meant to tell Mankind to aspire to a new state about which I could tell them little or nothing. To Teach them to tread a long and lonely Path which might or might not lead thither. To bid them dare to encounter all possible perils of nature unknown, to abandon all their settled manners of living and to cut themsleves off from their past and their environment, and to attempt a Quixotic adventure with no resources beyond their native strength and sagacity.

I had done it myself and found not only that the Pearl of great price was worth far more than I possessed, but that the very perils and privations of the Quest were in fact my dearest memories. I was certain of this at least: that nothing in the world except this was worth doing.

Independent Research and Development in the areas of Computer Aided Engineering, KnowledgeBases and Internetwork design and implementation. World Wide Web Systems Engineering. E-mail : for more information.

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