Project Valkarie


Project Valkarie - The design and construction of helipads for the StorageTek Longmont and Louisville, Colorado Research and Development centers along with the acquisition of two Bell Jet Ranger helicopters.

The name of the project came from the movie "Apocalypse Now" where US Army air cavalry flew over Vietnam in helicopters playing Wagner's "Cry of the Valkaries"......

The project was interesting in that in addition to providing air transportation to and from the StorageTek industrial sites, we used the psychological effects of the helicopter ride to influence prospective customers to purchase StorageTek products.

We discovered that for about thirty minutes after landing the prospective customers were more open to suggestion than normal and could be more easily persuaded to place an order for StorageTek products.

This suggestibility could be increased by encouraging the pilot of the helicopter to drop down as fast as possible to increase the adrenaline rush of the landing...... Yikes!