Project Eagle

Sample Architectural design drawings - Project Eagle


Project Eagle.... The acquisition of a 160 acre industrial site in Longmont, Colorado and the subsequent design and construction of a 534,000 square foot Research, Development and Manufacturing Facility. Total cost of the project was about $100 million dollars spread over a five year period.

As the principal engineer of the project, I was responsible for the design and construction of the infrastructure and facilities of the site starting with the acquisition of the vacant land.

Project Eagle also involved a re-engineering effort applied to the then 10,000 employee StorageTek Corporation with the goal of forming an independent business unit consisting of about 2000 employees from the Serial Access Development Division of the corporation.

This included a vertical integration and re-engineering of all manual and electronic systems associated with Research,Development,Advanced Manufacturing and Manufacturing Operations.

The following hyperlink will take you to the Architectural design drawings of the main facility in AutoCad .DWF format:

Click here to view L10-2.DWF

In addition to a Web browser, you will need to integrate the AutoCad Whip Technology into your browser that will let you view L10-2.DWF which was created by AutoCad r12 for Windows. The "Whip" viewer can be downloaded for free from the AutoDesk Website by mouse clicking on the AutoDesk Logo below:

The image at the top of the page is L10-2.JPG.... The same architectural design drawings of Project Eagle's main facility in .JPG format to show you an example of my ability to design large scale commercial buildings.

Project Eagle was completed on schedule and under budget.....