Once upon Eternity


Once upon Eternity...

Above the Clouds so high,

There were some chosen Angels,

Who had no Wings to fly.

But their hands were made for Helping,

Their Spirits eager, too!

Their Hearts were warm and Happy,

And glowed as Halos do.

So God sent down these dears,

To spread their Love on earth,

They dwell among us now,

We call them VOLUNTEERS!


(Author unavailable - from Jean Mays' collections)

Jean Mays is the wife of Colonel Ray Mays, United States Army Corps of Engineers. Colonel Mays was responsible for the cartographic mapping of the Earth's Moon for the first Apollo missions that made it possible for Mankind to stand on a celestial body other than Earth. Jean is living in the valley near Estes Park known as Big Elk Meadows which was homesteaded in 1870 and still has one of the original three dimensional models that Colonel Mays constructed of the Moon.

Imagine making the first maps of the Moon and having the chance to name the features some of us know so well today. Jean claims that Colonel Mays also mapped the dark side of the Moon but did not tell anyone! When asked how Colonel Mays mapped the side of the Moon that we can not see from Earth, she just smiles and asks "Well, how would you do it?".

Colonel Mays passed along, but Jean and her Scottish Terrier "Macky" still carry on the family tradition of contributing to society through volunteer efforts.