Love and Death

by Scott Campbell

Death is such a final word. No more life, no more worries or bills; just Death. You leave this planet with an obituary notice and if you were a good person, tears and nice words. It's all very final but what I am getting at is your life prior to Death.

My dad passed away this past March. I hadn't seen my dad in ten years or more. In fact, for many years we didn't talk or share any of our lives. As my dad's health began to fail he became dependent on friends, family and finally, in his last season on this Earth, my older sister took him in and took care of his needs.

It was in the last years of his life I realized I was living with stupid grudges and needed to get back on track with my dad.

How about forgiveness, how about coming down off your "I'm always right" pedestal and admit maybe you were wrong just to get the relationship squared away.

Why am I saying all this? Folks, you don't want the people you love and care about dying on you when you are at odds with one another. I've heard people say "If I had only told them I was sorry... If we had not had those last angry words." Death is final. The time is now to pick up the phone and call that Aunt on her Death bed, seek forgiveness, as well as give it. You just found out a close friend is dying from terminal illness? Go now to him or her with compassion and make sure that words of peace are the words you say good bye with.

Don't put this off. If your Heart strings are pulling to make the visit or call, then do it. Don't live with the regret of so many who say "If only I had said I was sorry before he died."

My dad got pictures, letters and forgiveness long before he said good bye. Then one day, I got a call at work during lunch saying dad has passed away in his sleep. He went Home in peace. No more letters, though I find myself wanting to send along the latest news from Colorado. He never saw the Mountains. No more pictures of my new daughter. But he saw her grow for the first five months. He went Home with peace on all sides, the way it should be.

I've said all that to say this - If you have a grudge, words of anger, an unforgiving Heart or haven't paid attention to someone. Take care of it now, today. Don't put it off, pick up your phones and get any messes brought to peace. You won't regret what I say. Just remember, death is final. Kick yourself in the butt now, not later and you will find your days to be more peaceful as well.