Pencil drawings and narratives by Roberta Heisterkamp of Big Elk Meadows

The sketches that you will see were created by Roberta Heisterkamp as part of an Outdoors Manual for the residents of the valley near Estes Park known as Big Elk Meadows. We have purposely kept the directions to the areas depicted and described vague to entice the audience to do a little research on their own to find the trails that lead to these areas. Keeping with this theme of "treasure hunting" even the Web pages we offer for your enjoyment are part of a larger work that is printed on paper so that it can be carried with you.

We mainly wanted you to see some examples of "Bobbie" Heisterkamp's wonderful ability to draw what she has seen on some of her many hikes in the area. Many of us have sketches of our homes that Roberta has drawn. They are treasured possessions.

Big Elk Meadows Outdoors Manual:


And she drew what she saw; and what she saw drew all of us..........