Recognition of the cygnet song

cut out of the coal sky

street light the scissor

your soul leaned forward


Brother trickster visited the meadow

and startled you from sleep

Yap and Yowl as prey grew weary

to rise and join, taste warm flesh

was not an unquieting thought


Stood in the current

daylight yielding to shadow

the silent speaker slid overhead

alit atop a pine

in knowing conversation you spoke

about the coming winter


Stared past the fire, aroused by ear

and searched for, a beam illuminated

two silver dollar eyes

four feet off the forrest floor, ten inches apart

the fear you felt, virginal and wild


Waited by the highway, thumb extended

a sudden solitude arose

a dance began in four directions

and a song came from the earth


Howl, little brother, yours is not yet heard

Copyright (c) 1995 by John C. Amoroso