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How to stop the Corona virus in Colorado – Jordan Hedberg and Arthur von Boennighausen

No matter how quickly you see the opportunity nor how clearly you perceive the course of action; all is lost if others will not Listen.  It is the Sound of one Hand clapping…..

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Subject: Re: How to stop the virus in Colorado / Arthur von Boennighausen
Date: March 7, 2020 at 9:00:14 AM MST
Friend Jordan Hedberg:
* My wife Marty and Arthur canceled our April vacation to Tubac, Arizona so that we can reduce social interaction by staying on our 455 acre – Sierra Mojada Ranch as much as possible.
* With our own water wells [ 2 wells ] , Ranch Haus, Guest Haus and a 23 Kw Generac backup generator we are practically “ Preppers “.
* We may have you deliver some of your own Tharros Acres beef in quantity. I can have Antlers Liquors in Westcliffe, Colorado deliver kegs of beer to our Ranch. 

Thinking allowed….. 

Arthur Gerard Michael von Boennighausen – BSIE, MSCS, MRE, Independent Broker, *


On Mar 7, 2020, at 8:35 AM, wrote:


This is how to stop a fast-growing infectious disease. It all comes down to the math of growth.

What most people don’t get about the COVID-19.

It grows at 1.5 times per day or 10X per week.

With current infections in Colorado, it would take five weeks for 1 million Coloradans to become infected.

At 6 weeks, 95 percent of the population in Colorado would be infected.
This can be stopped. Reduce social interactions by 80% right now in the state, only 1 new case will happen. Reduce social interactions by 50%, less than a 1000 cases will happen in the next 30 days.
Every person that does not get infected by reducing their social interactions, helps everyone else in the state. 

Jordan Hedberg – Editor of Wet Mountain Tribune Newspaper in Westcliffe, Colorado


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