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The Razor’s Edge



Lucifer the Daemon and Jesus the Christic

In 1996 we purchased a 1640 acre property called the Sierra Mojada Ranch and moved to Westcliffe, Colorado. President Gerald R. Ford once told me: ”  it is a privilege to live on a Ranch in a low population area “.

One of my ski mountaineering partners worked directly for Adolph Hitler during World War II . Ludwig’s job as an Architect was to help design and maintain the fortresses that Hitler used as headquarters. Since Ludwig was responsible for the maintenance of the buildings after the construction was finished he was often in the presence of Adolph Hitler and his associates while they discussed their military and political strategies.

Ludwig and I enjoy extreme ski descents and usually pick a steep glacier or snowfield on the side of a mountain in the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness over the groomed slopes of a lift serviced ski resort. During a ski descent we were engulfed in a lightning storm about halfway down the mile long slope. By keeping our bodies pressed flat against the glacier we were several inches below the electrical field. With nothing to do but pray we would be spared a direct hit by the lightning and talk to each other; I asked Ludwig what criteria did Hitler use to pick his highest ranking military officers? I was especially interested in the German secret police that became known as the “Gestapo”.

Ludwig told me that of all the qualities admired by Adolph Hitler, none were considered as important as “Ruthless Ambition”.

Adolph Hitler was known as “ Der Fuhrer ”. A German expression that means “The Guide” in the English language. In the history of the world there have only been four attempts at conquering the entire world. Along with the attempt by Adolph Hitler we have the efforts of Gengis Khan, Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte. The symbol known as the Swastika not shown for political reasons at the beginning of this story is an ancient Tibetan Buddhist symbol for energy that Hitler reversed to represent not only energy but specifically negative energy.

Some Theologians believe that the world tries to stay in a balance between Good and Evil. The Tibetan Buddhists call this dividing line between opposing forces “The Razor’s Edge”. According to this theory, spiritual energy exerted by people like Adolph Hitler and his NAZI political party would cause an equal but opposite force to surface in order to put the world back in balance.

The broad spiritual paths of Good and Evil may not be the shortest routes to Enlightenment. The most direct route to Salvation may be the dividing line between Good and Evil. This imaginary and dangerous path is so narrow it is like walking along the edge of a razor.


Thinking allowed…..

Arthur Gerard Michael von Boennighausen


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Arthur von Boennighausen
Arthur von Boennighausen is an Engineer by Trade and Education living on the 1640 acre – Sierra Mojada Ranch adjacent to the 266,000 acre Sangre de Cristo Wilderness of Colorado. It is a privelage to live on a Ranch in a low population area……


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