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The Devil is in the details of ballot issue 7A…..

* Sangre de Cristo Sentinel cut n paste:

“ Special District Measure: Wet Mountain Fire Protection District Issue 7A: The WMFPD wants a $180,403.72 (2 mills) property tax increase. They haven’t had an increase in a long, long time. WMFPD is one of the finest, if not the finest, rural fire department in the state. Just outstanding. It is basically volunteer with some members being paid for specific tasks. The Sentinel has an interview with WMFPD Chief Kit Shy in this issue about the tax increase. We are a little disappointed that Kit and the Fire Board did not give or publish specifically where the money is going like 50,000 for this and $10,000 for that. We have had a lot of tax increases here locally lately, e.g. the Hospital District and a big one for the school, so the timing if this is not good for our lower income residents and fix income folks. Plus, being good conservatives, The Sentinel minions hate taxes and tax increases. However, we know these guys and they won’t waste the money. It hurts because it is a tax increase, but we say Vote YES. ?. ”


* I asked Kit Shy to see where the money is going like $50,000 for this and $10,000 for that over a week ago.  Unless I see this I will exert my Political influence to Vote NO.
* In the last election cycles we have seen people and measures win or lose by just a few votes. I know I can move several hundred people in the direction I suggest.
Thinking allowed…..
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