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Thinking allowed…….

Even the greatest civilizations turn to Dust….


* While Jim Little is a personal Friend and has stayed at our Guest Haus several times during his divorce, wildfires, and floods for over 20 years; I have spent less than 10 minutes talking to Jordy Hedberg in person in my entire life.  What Jordy tells us is just “ Hearsay “ from a Newspaper reporter and possible “ Defamation of Character ” in the least.  As some of us know, “ The Map Is Not the Territory “.

What Jordy tells us in writing is that he has no personal knowledge of Arthur and his family while Jim Little had personal contact with many members of our Community like the von Boennighausen family for so many, many years.  Jim Little knew the name of my Dog, Horse, Cat, and Mule.  He reminded me of my Birthday every year for 20 years. Jim Little knew the history of our family; if we had health problems and so many other things. He knew if someone in our Family died and what their names were. Jim trusted me to watch his Newfoundland dogs like the latest one called “ Moses “. I stopped by and visited with Jim Little several times a month at the Tribune for 20 years while I will not take the time to do this with Jordy.

Jordy will never be a Jim Little and we all know this is true…..


Thinking allowed…..

Arthur Gerard Michael von Boennighausen – BSIE, MSCS, MRE, Independent Broker, *


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