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Good Day:
* I have just signed the petition to recall all three Custer County Commissioners.  Here are twelve failures that I am aware of in just the first six months of office:
* Failure to take action concerning six major SDEC electrical outages beginning with Christmas Day 2016.
* Failure to take action when all of Custer County was put under a moratorium where no homeowners insurance could be issued because of the Junkins Wildfire.  This severely affected real estate sales.
* Failure to take action about the poor wireless service from AT&T after several public meetings were held.  This is a public danger and suppresses the local economy.
* Attempting to suppress the already weak economy in Custer County by starting the process to make the Uniform Building Code mandatory. This action will suppress real estate sales and residential construction and increase the cost of construction by up to 24%.
* Causing the firing of our popular Colorado State University extension agent without the due process of any negative entries or warnings in her personal file.  This situation is still not resolved when it comes to county weed control.
* Lack of Communication on important matters with the people of Custer County, Colorado.  With Internet technologies like email and Blogs there is no excuse for lack of Communication.
* Failure to set an example when it comes to a voluntary “ Pride Ordinance “ in Custer County.
*  Failure to honor campaign promises of giving up all or part of the salary of a Custer County Commissioner.
* Hiring away the Westcliffe “ Main Street Manager “ for personal monetary advantage at the Painted View Ranch. This will suppress the Westcliffe business community while increasing revenues at the Painted View Ranch.
* Failure to create and deploy a economic development plan even though this was a major campaign promise.  A picture of the County Commissioners on the cover of the Tribune ended the effort.
* Failure to accomplish much of anything except get your picture in the paper with state and local politicians claiming you are behind this project or that…
* Demonstrating childish and rude behavior to the local media during official Custer County Commissioners meetings.
Thinking allowed…..
Arthur Gerard Michael von Boennighausen – BSIE, MSCS, MRE, Independent Broker, *

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