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Letter to the Editor:


* In the last 5 years my wife Marty and Arthur have seen close to a zero demand for “ Tiny Homes “.  The one we have listed in Junkin’s Park is 364 square feet and has been on the market for years.  The Buyers tell us “ It’s just too tiny “ even though Arthur likens it to a “ Walden Pond “ lifestyle advocated by Thoreau.  I really like this place as it is in a beautiful Pine and Aspen forest on 35 acres.  I  have gone to the property on my BMW motorcycle  just to read many times.  It really does have a Pond!
* Introduction of Tiny Homes in the quaint Village of Westcliffe, Colorado will devalue all the existing residential homes as they are nothing but glorified travel trailers.  Most HOAs do not allow tiny homes in Custer County.  To paraphrase the comedian George Carlin: “ Where do you put your stuff in something this small? “.

* Many of us who are Real Estate Developers and Land Planners know of the ramifications of encouraging low income housing into Custer County when we moved here in 1996.  If you can only afford a tiny home you probably don’t have the financial resources, education and skill set to survive in Custer County.  And where do you put your stuff in something this small?
Thinking allowed…..


Arthur Gerard Michael von Boennighausen – BSIE, MSCS, MRE, Independent Broker, *

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