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Up In Smoke…. aka Polonium don’t drive me Crazy…..


* The Tobacco plant extracts a radioactive substance called Polonium that when inhaled through cigarette smoking into the lungs causes Cancer.  My own Mother died of a heart attack at age 54 from smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.

* Here are some websites to make you aware of the effects of smoking provided by Catherine Trammell:


Speaking of your page — I volunteered with two organizations last year, and I was wondering if you could support them on your page as well:, who helps travelers become and stay smoke-free for their journeys and raises awareness on the dangers of smoking (, and the American Cancer Society, who also supports a smoke-free lifestyle( They both are great organizations and I think would be a good addition to your resources list.
QuitSmokingCommunity, for example, is being used by many educational and governmental organizations to better inform people about the dangers of smoking. You can find the examples at Indian Health Service ( and on Washington State University’s site (
Thinking Allowed…..
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