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Thinking allowed…….

A Dog barks……

Letter to the Editor:


* It was so quiet last Thursday night while we were reading the latest issue of the Wet Mountain Tribune at our Sierra Mojada Ranch I could hear a Dog barking at the Painted View Ranch ten miles away. “ Ralph, Ralph, Ralph “ the Dog barked.
* The Hood family Dog is reminding us they are aggressive people from the East Coast who are Capitalists in the bio tech industry.  The Dog is reminding us they are like releasing Wolves among Sheep…….  To have their way they don’t mind stomping on people like Maureen and John G. Johnston who earn a living as Realtors and Innkeepers.  To the Hood family they are just the “ Little People “ who are in their way…… 

Thinking allowed…..
Arthur von Boennighausen – BSIE, MSCS, MRE, Independent Broker, *



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Arthur von Boennighausen
Arthur von Boennighausen is an Engineer by Trade and Education living on the 1640 acre – Sierra Mojada Ranch adjacent to the 266,000 acre Sangre de Cristo Wilderness of Colorado. It is a privelage to live on a Ranch in a low population area……


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