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Letter to the Editor:

While Donna L. Hood’s latest political advertisement in the Wet Mountain Tribune name drops the Music Meadows Ranch, Bear Basin Ranch and the San Isabel Land Trust and makes the claim she is for protecting our Heritage, her own Painted View Ranch is heavily developed with property improvements.


Using Google Earth and personally visiting the Ranch on several occassions I could see that much of the Ranch is covered with large buildings, roads, corrals, gigantic barns, loafing sheds, over grazed pastures and outbuildings.  If everyone followed Donna’s example our beautiful high mountain valley would look like a vast Agricultural Complex in a Desert setting.

My own Sierra Mojada Ranch is a cluster housing development of 1640 acres that preserves over 80% of the Ranch in it’s natural state for future generations and honors the traditions of the New West. To me the Sierra Mojada Ranch like the Music Meadows Ranch, Maytag Mountain Ranch and the Bear Basin Ranch are preserving our Heritage not the heavily developed and commercialized Painted View Ranch event center.  These sort of large scale Agricultural Complexes leave little of the land in it’s natural state and are heavy users of precious ground water.  They also disrupt the Ecology that has been in place for thousands of years.  Wildlife habitat is ruined.


You can Google these names and words in this letter to Learn more.  Look at all this on Google Earth also if you have the time or drive around these Ranches and look out the window at reality.

Thinking allowed…..

Arthur von Boennighausen – BSIE, MSCS, MRE, Independent Broker, *

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Arthur von Boennighausen is an Engineer by Trade and Education living on the 1640 acre – Sierra Mojada Ranch adjacent to the 266,000 acre Sangre de Cristo Wilderness of Colorado. It is a privelage to live on a Ranch in a low population area……


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