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Arthur for Custer County Commissioner


I will be competing against Allen Butler in the November 2nd, 2010 General Election for the position of Custer County Commissioner.  My short biography is always on the home page of this blog; here are my complete credentials on the web….  Look here:

As the Philosopher Plato once said: ” To avoid participating in Politics is to risk being governed by your inferiors…. “

Thinking allowed….

Arthur von Boennighausen

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Arthur von Boennighausen
Arthur von Boennighausen is an Engineer by Trade and Education living on the 1640 acre – Sierra Mojada Ranch adjacent to the 266,000 acre Sangre de Cristo Wilderness of Colorado. It is a privelage to live on a Ranch in a low population area……


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  1. Friends:

    Thanks for taking the time to write…..

    * What I intend to do for Custer County is summarized in the first few pages of a Strategic Plan that I have published on the Internet…. Look here:

    * I am the only candidate for Custer County Commisioner that has orchestrated the efforts of up to 10,000 people during the course of planning, designing and constructing large scale residential and commecial facilities with budgets up to $10 Billion dollars.

    * Albert Einstein once said that with the help of his Genius many things normally thought Impossible would be Possible.

    Thinking allowed…..

    Arthur von Boennighausen

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