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Apple COVID-19 [ Corona Virus ] Screening Tool

Arthur von Boennighausen | March 29, 2020

Friends: . * Apple has released a screening tool for Humans that runs on your computer or Apple iPhone…. Look here: . * Here is the IOS App in the Apple App store for your iPhone…. Look here: . Thinking allowed….. .   Arthur Gerard Michael von Boennighausen – BSIE, MSCS, MRE, Independent [...]

How to stop the Corona virus in Colorado – Jordan Hedberg and Arthur von Boennighausen

Arthur von Boennighausen | March 7, 2020

No matter how quickly you see the opportunity nor how clearly you perceive the course of action; all is lost if others will not Listen.  It is the Sound of one Hand clapping….. . From: Arthur von Boennighausen <> Subject: Re: How to stop the virus in Colorado / Arthur von Boennighausen Date: March 7, [...]