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Up In Smoke…. aka Polonium don’t drive me Crazy…..

Arthur von Boennighausen | December 14, 2016

Friends: * The Tobacco plant extracts a radioactive substance called Polonium that when inhaled through cigarette smoking into the lungs causes Cancer.  My own Mother died of a heart attack at age 54 from smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. * Here are some websites to make you aware of the effects of smoking [...]

Pareto 80/20 Law of Conservation

Arthur von Boennighausen | December 8, 2016

Friend Ben Lenth: . * My wife Marty and I just received the Winter 2016 edition of the San Isabel magazine in the US Mail….. I thought it was a Good one. . * I am still suggesting that only 20% of Custer County be developed with property improvements while 80% be left in it’s natural [...]