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Himmelsleiter Nimmt Dich Über Alles

Arthur von Boennighausen | July 13, 2016

von Boennighausen Coat of Arms Friends: . * Arthur von Boennighausen now has 40 years experience as a Research Engineer and Real Estate Developer with many projects in the $200,000 to $10 Billion [ Nuclear Power Plant } range.  He has both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering as well as a Master’s degree in Real Estate.  He is a [...]

Hillary Clinton for President / Arthur von Boennighausen

Arthur von Boennighausen | July 11, 2016

  Friends: * As a long time registered Republican I will be voting for Hillary Clinton for President in the 2016 November general election. * In my opinion she has the education, experience and temperament of judgement that I am looking for as our President and Commander in Chief of our Military.  As a woman [...]