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Proponents of Custer County Ballot Issue 1A are almost ” Fact Free “….. Oh No! Not Those Guys Again!!

Arthur von Boennighausen | October 22, 2015

Friend Jim Little: I read this latest Wet Mountain Tribune article with interest: . . * I wonder if Dale Mullen knows that a LOT of what he told your reporter is not correct…… Yikes! Most Elderly people can not remember much about technology…….  I offer a cartoon [ mouse click to view ] after my signature [...]

Hello! Can Anyone Hear Me? / Custer County Colorado Ballot Question 1A

Arthur von Boennighausen | October 18, 2015

Letter to the Editor of the Wet Mountain Tribune: * I read the pamphlet being circulated labeled:  “ Better Broadband for Custer County Questions and Answers ” and your recent Tribune editorial : “ The 1A Advantage “ with interest. . * We already have Broadband Internet service in Custer County from AT&T wireless, Hilltop Broadband, CenturyLink [...]